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LSSINE was founded in 1992. During these three decades, our production chain has extended from crane equipment to mining, ships, railways, construction, steel mills, wineries and many other industries. As a family-owned company, we have always adopted to the quality-oriented business philosophy, relying on years of accounting of technology and experience, to provide our customers with effective and reliable customized solutions

Extensive experience-a wide range of applications and a wealth of industry knowledge.

Innovative products are key to consumer demand for technology.

Reliable customer partners pay attention to product quality and reliable reputation.

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Understanding Hall-Effect Joysticks For Mobile Equipment

​​​​​​​ In the world of mobile equipment, the type of joystick model you use can significantly impact the efficiency and safety of operations. Hall-Effect Joysticks have earned widespread recognition among engineers and buyers alike, and for good reaso

The Benefits of CAN Bus Joysticks for Mobile Equipment & Industrial Applications

Joysticks and control systems play a pivotal role in ensuring the efficient operation of industrial equipment across various industries. The CAN bus system is one invention that has revolutionized mobile equipment and industrial machinery. This technology has simplified communication between devices and enhanced the precision and reliability of complex systems.

Two conventional lifting devices.

First, consider a bridge crane. This is a lifting equipment that sits on a cross frame between workshops, warehouses and warehouses for transporting materials and occupies an important place in modern industry. There are also many areas of application, port terminals, steel industry, railway construction and other industries can be used.