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Zhejiang lssine Hoist Switch Factory



The operation of engineering machinery requires physical labor and precise work. For this reason, mechanical control stations in this field are always equipped with spring suspensions. However, we also adapt our other products, such as joysticks, controllers, foot pedals, and portable control panels, to meet the specific needs of your engineering machinery and working environment.

Highly Transformed Technology

We provide tailored solutions for construction elevators and tower cranes based on customer needs.



At such a high altitude, the controls must be infallible. Therefore, choosing the right control handle is crucial. We produce joysticks with high IP protection categories: some have many switching contacts, while others are equipped with potentiometers, encoders or 3D Hall systems. Most control handles are available in a variety of handle shapes and functions.Of course, we also manufacture joysticks with UV and ozone protection. The specific function of joystick depends on the actual application. For instance, we can make them resistant to salt water and oil, or equip them with components for use in explosive environments.


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