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Zhejiang lssine Hoist Switch Factory


Reliable technology in steel mills

All technical solutions you use in your steel plant, whether joysticks, (pedal) switches or consoles, must be able to withstand the following
conditions: extreme temperatures, continuous use during shift operations, high levels of pollution.
We design equipment that can not only reduce the fatigue of workers, but also have a long service life in difficult situations.

Special conditions within steel plants

Steel mills have a very specific operating environment: extreme heat, dust and 24-hour shifts. So we think very carefully about what the technology you're using needs to be able to do.



We provide additional control components for all joysticks based on their functionality and your needs. Our product range includes a large number of handles, buttons, and electronic components.


The console can be used throughout our entire product range. Of course, we can also develop customized solutions based on your specific requirements.

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We can help you plan everything from individual parts and series to complete,

integrated solutions.

Our worldwide dealer network supports you with optimal service.

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