Machine operators in the agricultural sector must react flexibly and quickly. Therefore, machines that you can always rely on are indispensable.

Control stations, joysticks and switches in agricultural machines must also be ergonomically and technically design to the state of the art. In the process, they show the fascinating aspects of agricultural. 


Cultivation, vegetable gardening, grassland utilization and animal husbandry – the spectrum of agricultural tasks is widely diversified. An incredible time pressure is often prevalent, so faultlessly operating agricultural machinery is dispensable. 


We enable gentle and precise control of large combine harvesters, tractors and field choppers with our joysticks. Weatherproof and compact, with bus connections or 3D Hall technology, they meet the highest demands, even in the smallest spaces.

In this regard, the joysticks can be equipped with various gates, end notches, and feelable steps. They can also be combined with a variety of handles and buttons from our assortment. We look forward to your inquiry and produce exactly the joystick that you need.


One of our special solutions is the mini steering wheel with hydraulic damping of the rotational movement, which we can adapt to your requirements.

The precise, zero-play steering gear is functional and makes smart agricultural technology that can be operated safely from ponderous machines.

Control stations MFK-MFA, MFK-JB

The new MFK series of control stations combines modern dynamic design, functionality, and economy. It impresses with its good looks and a special color scheme, and also through the construction of the metal bearing parts.

Foot pedals FST/FSTS, FPS/FPW

Durable pedals enable control by foot. The sturdy, powder coated aluminum housing keeps out dust and weather, and withstand continuous stress during high season. The ergonomic design also relieves the foot: Ribbed step plates and heel edges assure an ideal hold. You decide whether switching is analogue or stepped.

All of our devices are designed for a long service life.

We offer fast and reliable spare part service for wear parts.

Contact us and benefit from our experience!