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1. Application

The master controller QT3A series is mainly used for the secondary circuit of AC 50HZ (60HZ), rated voltage 380V (440V) and below. For 1-5 steps speedgoverning, braking, linkaging, division control.

2.  Structural features

Small size, easy operation,  clear steps, etc., the operating mechanism with spring return and self-locking device in zero position for safety. Each mechanism can be installed with potentiometer. Using universal switch control, for reducing the cost of the product, making it suitable for tower cranes and other small cranes.

3.  Working condition

3.1 Permissible ambient temperature between -5°C to +55°C

3.2 Height no more than 2,000 meters

3.3 The relative humidity does not exceed 85%

3.4 Class of pollution: 3.

4. Technical data

4.1 Handle operation force no more than 25N.

4.2 This crane controller is suitable for 8hours/day working and discontiguous working system, the operate frequency is 1200 cycles/h.

4.3 The mechanical life of the control unit is 3 million operating cycles under the rated frequency.

4.4 The character of the contact:

· a.  Power: AC

· b.  Rated current: 10A

· c.  Electrical life is 200 thousand

4.5 The max. steps of each direction is 5

4.6 The max. contacts of each mechanism is 20.

5. Figure and installation dimension.

Look at Fig. 1 for the figure and installation dimension of controller 


6. Installation, debugging, maintenance

6.1 M12 installed bolts are used for fixing the controller.

6.2  According to the request of the electrical theory, should be control step by step, look over if the contact close or open is according with the switching sequence, if not, please adjust it or replace the cam sheet.

6.3 Before controller electrified, please cut the master switch of the control screen off, only operate the control loop to look over if the running programs of the controlled contacts are correct.  

6.4 After the controller electrified, please check the running of the motor carefully according to the catalog of the controller and control screen.

6.5 The controller should be examined and maintained frequently according to the following requests:

6.5.1 The joint of bolts should be fixed firmly.

6.5.2 The parts which are often rubbed should be kept lubricative.



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