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Strange missing cases

April 21, 2017 Views: [Go back]

The thing is this, the day before yesterday, I suddenly found that the director of the workshop is missing, I am very worried, why do i say so, this has to start to say from the beginning.

I am a company engaged in electronic commerce, need  to take photos of the new product, the weather is very hot, I figure than the monkeys also thin, master controllers, cam controller, resistor,They are too heavy, let me move these, might as well kill me, so I quickly called the workshop director to help move the product. The afternoon passed, finally took some  good picture, the in the mind is very happy, somebady help me move things. thank godness。

when I was happy  to enjoy the product photos, the boss came in... What are you doing, Jackie Chan?  The boss looked at the picture and said it was not bad. At this time, the boss's face changed, and said what the fxxk? I said I'm sorry, I'm sorry, the boss said where is the director of the workshop? At that time, I felt relaxed for a minute, I thought the boss was angry with me.......

The boss scolded the workshop director, in fact our boss is very kind, This is the responsibility of the customer, is completely correct, as an entrepreneur should have the quality! I'm highly recognized. Of course, the premise is that the boss does not criticize me.

The boss said, look, this sign crooked, such products you will buy it.... And so on for half an hour, I thought it was going to be over. Then the boss said... Call the people of quality department  to my office, you also together...... Of course, is the workshop director, not me.

When I face affixed to the 22 inch display from 10 cm distance, I found the trademark really  crooked, obviously "LSSINE" several characters slightly tilted about 1 degree, the means  L  is higher than E  two millimeters , I think,  it is very serious crooked, if I were the boss I have to put them all fired, I am very angry. Haha haha    

Things have been in the past two days, I did not see the workshop director, I was very worried, very very worried!Because I still need to take photos in the afternoon. 

Afterwards just know originally he...    The company arranged for him to go abroad for a holiday.