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1. Introduction

For the convenience of customers in selecting the series ZX37 of the alloy resistors, we have compiled this guide to looking for the series of resistors manufactured by our factory, which are suitable for the starting performance of various electrical motors. The guide shows the comparison of the series ZX37 resistors made of alloy steel with that previously made of iron-chrome-aluminum. The following features can obviously be seen:


① In the case that the series of the alloy steel resistors are used for the electrical motor of big capacity, the number of resistor boxes are less than when the resistors made of iron-chrome-aluminum are used.

② The endurance in vibration, anti-oxidization, preservation and non-inductance.

③ The connections between the flakes of the alloy steel resistor are by point welding, so there is no contact resistance and its appearance looks nice.

④ The resistance value is stable and the errors of the total values of the whole resistance and every segment are less than ±7.5%.

⑤ Every box of the standard ZX37 series of resistor contains 20 flakes and its power is 5.6KW while the power of the iron-chrome-aluminum resistor is only 4.6KW.

⑥ The alloy steel resistor is durable and its service life is very long.

When this resistor works under the bad environment, high temperature, or corrosive surroundings, all its components may be made of alloy steel material(including the outer panel, protect cover, bolts, screws and so on).

⑦ The ZX37 series of the alloy resistors have 32 types, which replace the ZX9,ZX12,ZX15 types of iron-chrome-aluminum resistors, and ZX1 and ZX2 types of wire-wound resistors. They contain all kinds of alloy steel resistors, manufactured only by our factory in china.

Note: The alloy steel is one kind of the stainless steel. 

2. Overall And Mounting Dimensions

All the overall and mounting dimensions are domestic standard ones. But the heights for manufacture have two kinds. One of them is for the sample elements of ordering number 1 to 16 and they are produced according to the dimensions shown in Fig.3-1 and Fig.3-3.Another is for elements of ordering number 17 to 32 and they are produced according to the dimensions shown in Fig.3-4 and Fig.3-5.At the end of their type names a letter “A” is added, for example, RT52-132M1-6/1C5-A.When the resistor has protective cover, before the letter “A” letter X1 or X2 are added, for example(RT52-132M1-6/1C5-X1/X2A)


1) Standard type






Fig.3-2 Indoor protected type



Fig.3-3 Outdoor protected type


2) Derived type A